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About Guy Bracha Tchernichovsky

Tchernichovsky & Co. law office has significant experience working with key players in the real estate industry, such as: real estate entrepreneurs, developers, companies and international private clients.

Our office specializes in:

• Legal support for transactions – including those relating to “combination” and joint venture.

• Urban renewal.

• Planning issues – advising clients in issues such as the acquisition of land & conducting legal due diligence.

• Regulatory issues – providing legal advice, mediation services concerning environmental issues related to the Israel Lands Administration.

• International real estate transactions – identifying appropriate foreign legal advisors on behalf of clients and coordinating with these advisors in purchasing overseas real estate rights, establishing projects and subsequent sales

• Financial aspects of transactions – including the obtaining or restructuring of loans, and other techniques for financing the acquisition of real estate and construction projects.

• Construction Litigation – representing clients in arbitration and litigation relating to tenders and construction disputes

Additionally, clients benefit from the integration of HFN’s core practice areas and more than 30 departments, which consult on various legal aspects of real estate and construction, such as environmental concerns, tax issues arising from complex transactions and litigation.

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Dr. Harold Wiener, Managing Partner at Terra Venture Partners:

"Guy has a great personality and always willing to help promoting green technologies with huge idealism. Guy and his team are doing a great job in IDC and helping to build the next leadership in Israel. well done!"


Mr. Ami Elazari, CEO & President at Milenium Electiric:

"Guy is a character that contains all the skills, abilities, knowledge, insights and attributes, that are exactly those anyone wish for. Hoping to collaborate with you again in the future on any business aspect that will come."


Ms. Tali Nechushtan, VP Marketing at Shikun & Binui Group:

"Guy Bracha - A commander, a leader and an entrepreneur."


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Video - Adv. Guy Bracha Tchernichovsky interviewing:

- Nir Shmul, CEO at The Company for Development and Urban Renewal & CEO at Snir Ltd.

- Adv. Adam Tsevan, Partner at Gindi-Caspi & co - Law office and Notary.

- Adv. Keren Cohen Blacharski, Owner at Keren Cohen Blacharski & co - Law Office and Notary.

- Guy Elias, CEO at Aspen Group.

Regarding their perspective of the urban renewal field in Israel.

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Contact me

Ramat Gan: 03-9176777

North: 04-8574747 

Mosh Aviv Tower, 52nd floor,

Ramat Gan, Israel

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